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All Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner
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Product Description

All Purpose Cleaning Chemicals

LAS Detergents and Aterilizers

  • In oilfield usage
  • In mechanical engineering usage
  • In aerospace engineering usage
  • Usage in repair and maintenance of different plants
  • Cleaning thermal exchangers for gas pumping units
  • Reclamation of soil contaminated by oil spills
  • Tanning leathers in leather industry
  • Cleaning of facades of buildings, sidewalks and roads โ€“ runways of airplanes, cleaning and watering of flowers and grasses on roadsides
  • Cleaning and sterilization of public transport
  • Removal of writings on walls
  • In food industries
  • Cleaning and disinfection of houses, hotels, schools & hospitals etc...

Applications of LAS detergents and sterilizers in oil field usage

LAS detergents and disinfectants effectively contribute to the oil field with direct influence on paraffin, fragmenting and breaking links of their molecules to make them less viscous and more flexible to be prepared for detachment from surfaces. It has super cleaning results for all kinds of different surfaces even in cases of low temperature

Applications of detergents and sterilizers (LAS) in aerospace engineering usage

In the Aerospace industry, it is Standard Operating Procedure to always using the latest technological and scientific products. However it is not so when it comes to the field of cleaning, traditional cleaning products has been used that contains Sodohrompiki which negatively impact surfaces of the parts to be cleaned. In this case, our product is real alternative for aerospace industry and maintenance companies as it does not contain Sodohrompiki

Applications of LAS detergents and sterilizers in mechanical engineering usage

We offer the optimal solution with our products to clean the mechanical parts of engines and attachments instead of using traditional methods with flammable liquids in cleaning operations (such as diesel or others). And via LAS products, super elimination of greases, planktons and inactive ingredients on the surface of mechanical parts can be obtained better than unsafe conventional fluids while ensuring protection against corrosion or scratches on the surfaces of mechanical parts.

LAS products can be added to water used for cooling in electric motors and industrial equipment where they can reduce the concentration of salts in water to prevent precipitation of salts in engines and equipment with the possibility of washing electrical parts like washing parts of electric motor โ€“ rotor and stator โ€“ with drying while ensuring this do not have an impact on electrical wirings.

Cleaning thermal exchangers for gas pumping units

LAS detergents are characterized by their ability to dissolve up to 95% of precipitated components inside thermal exchangers ensuring integrated cleaning of internal surfaces and lowering of gas temperature through the pumping units. Thus, easing the burden on the GPU increases the efficiency of exchangers work and raising efficiency of turbines without causing oxidation on the aluminium surfaces of exchangers for greater efficiency, high safety in shorter period and lower costs.