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Degreasing Chemicals

Degreasing Chemicals
Degreasing Chemicals
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Product Code : 01
Product Description

Grease Removing Chemicals

Product Code: JVK Clean 130

Product Description

  • Single phase JVK Clean 130 is basically known for its oil in water emulsion based content with high density level.
  • This meticulously composed nanoemulsion item has a vital role in enhancing flow properties of oil and in thorough cleaning of polluted surface by removing greasy and oily substances. Moreover, it acts as a reliable wax dispersing agent.
  • JVK Clean 130 is compatible with high strength alkaline, solvent, acid and viscosifier for thorough cleaning purpose.

Features and benefits

  • It is known for its Eco-friendly composition and recyclable quality.
  • It does not contain cancer causing substance.
  • It has been made by using genuine quality reusable substances as its raw materials.
  • Known for its unique wetting properties, this nanoelulsion item can efficiently eradicate stains of oil and grease.
  • The ph level of this product is known for its neutrality level and it does not contain sulfate.


It is suggested to use JVK Clean 130 by combining with solvent in its carrier form. The proposed dosage of JVK Clean 130 as carrier solvent ranges between 2% to 20%. Oils like base oil, kerosene, waste oil, slop oil, alcohol, hydrocarbons and highly concentrated fuel based oil can be used as solvent for this product. One can apply it either directly or by soaking under pressure.

In case it is used as solvent with water based content, then the suggested density of this product ranges between 5% to 50%. Its density level increases or phase separation can be noticed during its application with water based solvent carriers like saline sea water, fresh water or recycled water. During its utilization as water based carrier, it needs to be combined and whisked thoroughly to improve its effectiveness. We suggest not to soak the mixture in case the content is made of water based carrier.

Kindly go through standard operating procedures of JVK Clean 130 prior to its application.

In case the foam is more than what is required, one can go for its other variation with less foam generation properties from the professionals of JVK Resources.

Mixing and Handling

Special care needs to be taken during handling of this chemical. For further details regarding its handling and storing process, kindly go through our material safety data sheet.

International Shipping Reference

Shipping of JVK Clean 130 is not controlled by any administrative agency.


The bulk amount of this product is delivered in 20 MT to 25MT tankers or in 55 gal steel fabricated drum.


We provide MSDS (material safety data sheet) as per the demand of customers.