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Oil Cleaning Chemicals

Oil Cleaning Chemicals
Oil Cleaning Chemicals
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Product Code : 06
Product Description

Grease Removing Agent


The description part contains detail information about the application method of sludge cleaners like JVK UltraClean, JVK Clean 130 and JVK Clean 100.

Primary Function

JVK Clean 100 acts as a suitable grease removing agent. It easily dilutes in water and is decomposed.

JVK Clean 130 is easily soluble in water and oil. This oil-in-water based emulsion is useful for decreasing density of greasy items. It also acts as a suitable emulsion breaking agent and is reckoned for its high effectiveness in cleaning surfaces contaminated with thick oily substances, adhesive grease and carbon enriched substances.

JVK UltraClean has a key role in adhesive tension formed between two different substances in their various stages. This product is also effective in improving water- wet characteristics and in agglomeration of asphaltene or paraffin wax with long chemical chain.

Application for JVK Clean 100

It can effectively remove thick layers of oil, grease or any type of contamination on various surfaces -

  • Spread a coat of JVK Clean 100 on the contaminated surface directly.
  • Let it dry for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Rub the surface by pouring water onto it for effective elimination of the surface.
  • One can use cleaning tools like brush or water jet and also can rub the contaminated surface.

It is also suitable for eradication of thin layers of oil, grease or other types of contaminants deposited on the surface-

  • Dissolve 10% JVK Clean 100 in water
  • Let the surface dry for thirty minutes after its application
  • Use required water to clean the contaminated surface
  • Use brush and water jet. Rubbing is also suitable for contamination removal purpose.
It is also perfect for cleaning of vessel, enclosed tank and container
  • Spread the solution of JVK Clean 100 on the contaminated parts of vessel or tank.
  • We suggest pouring water into cleaned container or vessel or tank when the density of applied JVK Clean 100 attains ten percent of allover volume.
  • Let the applied solution to get dry for thirty minutes to two hours.
  • Flush the solution with adequate water to minimize foam or bubble production.

JVK Clean 100 is suitable for efficient removal of sand molecules

  • Mix 20% or 10 of JVK Clean 100 with oil or water to produce a solution.
  • Spread the solution on the surface covered by layer of sand particles
  • Smear this solution in a uniform manner via stirring thoroughly to cover all the sand particles. Perform this stirring session for two hours.
  • Differentiate solid particles from liquid
Wait till the most part of solid particles of the prepared solution set at the bottom part of the vessel where it has been stored. The top fluid part should be drained or flowed towards the separator to deviate oil content from water so that the solid or sand particles settled at the bottom can be easily eliminated. One can use decanter or centrifuge system for this purpose.

Pour the solution to decanter or centrifuge. One can rub the bottom of the vessel by applying water to effectively remove the solid particles. Conduct the entire procedure as per the provided disposal standards.

Applications for JVK Clean 130and JVK UltraClean in sludge/ tank cleaning

  • Spread the solution of JVK Clean 130 over the contaminated surface directly
  • Wait for five to ten minutes to dry it.
  • Use hydrocarbon carrier agent to treat contaminated surface.
  • Apply required amount for water for thorough removal of oil content from the surface.
  • Use brush and water jet or rub the contaminated surface directly if required
 It is also useful for cleaning of oil tank by minimizing density of sludge oil and for obtaining sludge oil
  • One can mix JVK Clean 130 with hydrocarbon based carriers like base oil, diesel, kerosene and bunker fuel oil in 1% to 5% amount.
  • The prepared solution is perfect for sludge accumulated tank.
  • Further information regarding its application will be mentioned later.