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Oil Tank Degreaser

Oil Tank Degreaser
Oil Tank Degreaser
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Product Code : OTD02
Brand Name : JVK Clean 100
Product Description

Oil Tank Degreasing Chemicals

Version : 16-1
Reference No. : 01/16-EN

Product Description :

  • JVK Clean 100 is an environmental friendly, biodegradable and low toxicity multipurpose cleaner.
  • JVK Clean100 is formulated based on renewable chemistry specifically for reducing interfacial tension, near wellbore treatment, removal of organic scale dispersant/ dissolver, and wax.
  • JVK Clean 100 can be incorporated with fresh and seawater or acids and alkaline.

Features & Benefits :

  • Biodegradable and environmental friendly
  • No recognized carcinogens
  • Formulated from 100% renewable natural raw materials
  • Tolerate with fresh and sea water.
  • Neutral pH and non-corrosive.
  • Phosphate, caustic, silicate and sulfate free formulation.

Application :

Dilute JVK Clean 100 according to the recommended working concentration based on the degree of contamination. JVK Clean 100 clean contaminant immediately and the surface can be rinsed with water right after the detergent solution without soaking of the surface into detergent solution. The cleaner can be applied to the soiled surface using the common washing tools such as pressure washer, brush, sponge, mop and etc when necessary.

If excess foam is not tolerable, please ask for loam foam version from JVK technical personal.


Targeted cleaning

Working concentration


Heavy duty cleaning: remove sludge, waxy soil or mud

Neat solution


Pressure washing: degrease, oil, dirt contaminant removal

1:1 - 1:3


General cleaning purpose: floor, used tank or container cleaning

1:3 - 1:9

Type Properties :





Specific Gravity (25oC)


pH (neat)


Flash Point

>80 oC

  • Mixing and Handling : Usual precautions of handling chemicals should be observed. For further information on storage and handling please refer to the product MSDS.
  • International Shipping References : Transportation of JVK Clean 100 is not restricted by any regulatory agency.
  • Packaging : The product is packed in 55 gal steel drum, or in bulk (20 - 25MT) tankers.
  • MSDS : Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.